Live Chronicles


Sep 21, 2015. The Carol Halls in Bucharest are probably one of the most interesting venues we ever played in. It stays on the grounds of a former weapon factory, the building being more that 130 years old, and it provides just the right visual setting for rock and metal shows! Very inspiring! The atmosphere at the main stage was great and the gig felt especially lively, with all of us feeling really excited to play. New faces, new friends and the last, but not least, a very nice celebration for one of the oldest rock clubs in the country! Happy Birthday, Fire Club!

Jul 6, 2015. Hello, confused fans! And perhaps this is the most appropriate word to use, as the events that occurred over the past few weeks led to a lot of people being confused about the “I Am the Rocker” festival. After so many rumors and opinions about whether or not it was going to be held, people were ultimately announced that the event was going to be reconfigured and that we would perform on Sunday evening at the Silver Church Club. A very comfortable decision for us, as that club is home to many of our gigs, projects and memories! Despite the general discontent, we had a great show, maybe one of the best concerts we played this year! It is, after all, no surprise to feel relaxed and deliver well in a place you visited for so many times and that has come to feel… like home! Thank you to all who came and who didn’t let themselves discouraged by the turn of this festival! We appreciate your effort and dedication! For us it was a pleasure to play, as always!

11053558_656394911159947_2393869551075810158_oApr 3, 2015. …And the bird flew out of the nest! Dharkata was released last night, at Colectiv Club, in Bucharest, and the people already seem to be very excited about it! We’re excited too, we have a lot of faith in this song, it is very personal and we hope it brings people the fresh and intriguing vibe it has for us! We had a great time writing and recording it and we’re looking forward to hearing back on it from as many people as possible!

The show was a great experience, from start to finish! As usual on our own events, we did not restrain from thinking outside the box and switched once again to “big production” mode! We brought a new light show, sound effects, new screen projections and our surprising stage setup, with Cosmin singing from up on the riser in the back for most of the concert! Needless to say that putting it all together was a thrill, we love working on full-scale projects like this! It reflects our belief that a live show is not entirely a live show until it becomes a complete audio-visual experience, surrounding the music and the band with thought-provoking elements that add complexity to the concepts and impact the audience.

It was truly a great show, big-sounding and very energetic! Everything that happened around us really motivated us to play at our best, despite the demanding schedule of the past two days and the stress we’ve accumulated to build this new project. We were tired and anxious, but the drive was still there, with excitement boiling at our fingertips to set the necessary mechanics in motion. We went on for the final act of the play and we gave it all. The star of the evening was once again Andrei Zamfir, who fills up the stage every time with his exploding energy, being the best showman in the band! We hope people were as enthusiastic as we were and that they loved being a part of this special and exciting something we’re continuously trying to build! Thank you to all who came, we saw you singing along, dancing, shaking heads and looking amazed at the show in front of you! We honestly appreciate that!

Keep sending us feedback on Dharkata! See you next time… time to move on to bigger and better things!

DSC_1042Feb 9, 2015. Alright, we’re back from our mini-tour! Tiredness and fatigue started fading away and we are able to now gather our thoughts and share a few words about our short incursion in the Romanian live metal scene. It was quite an experience and we enjoyed every bit of it, from the first mile of the road to the last chord of the last show! It was the first time we headlined a show in Brasov and the first time we ever played in Cluj-Napoca, both occasions being met with literally a lot of people coming to see the concert, plenty of enthusiasm and general excitement! We really appreciate everybody’s warm welcome and interest in our music! We played a lot of new songs over the course of the over-1-hour show, people responded really well to them, while also enjoying the hell out of the already released material. The upcoming single felt particularly interesting for us, creating a completely new and intriguing vibe which we never experimented before. It is definitely a more personal and profound song than the others already released and the depth of it seemed to really make itself felt among the audience. It appears that fans are in for a different kind of musical treat from this spring’s Days of Confusion release!


We left the scene right after the show in Cluj-Napoca, this part of the journey feeling especially… slippery, as it snowed heavily on half the way back home. Somebody really stood with his heart in his throat until the first lights of the day… Thank you all for coming to our concerts and for supporting us! Keep spreading the word about our music!

©Photos credits to Mihai Andrei from Breathelast!

Dec 17, 2014. Video Chronicles, ep. 4-5! Our “Live at The Silver Church” videos continue with two more songs: Bloodstream, the star to which the entire concert was dedicated, and Seeds, the title-track of the first Days of Confusion album, celebrated by this series! Enjoy!


Dec 12, 2014. The acoustic show was great! It was undoubtedly surprising for those people who got used to seeing us performing at full electric power, as the side of Days of Confusion that they saw Wednesday night, at The Silver Church, was a lot calmer, quieter and more introspective. The acoustic orchestrations have brought us on a new flow, in very new musical places, revealing sounds, manners, styles and states which we do not normally approach in our regular writing process. It was both interesting and challenging to shift perspectives for half a hour and find the suitable interpretative resources inside us to perform in this fashion. We really enjoyed it and we are already thinking of doing it again at a larger scale! Needless to say, we played to a full house, that helped both the bands, with a fantastic atmosphere, and our charitable purpose, which was greatly served and supported! We sure hope we contributed to some people being happier and healthier for this year’s winter holidays! And so it ends, our 2014 calendar! We had a blast this year and we thank everyone for the faith and support! We’re off to writing new material for the next Days of Confusion album and, hopefully, some great news will come out at the beginning of the next year! See you soon, merry holidays and a happy new year!

Nov 29, 2014. Video Chronicles, ep. 1-3! Today we’re celebrating 2 years since the release of the first Days of Confusion studio material, “Seeds”! For this occasion, we are presenting you with a new series of live videos, containing the songs off that EP, as interpreted at our concert at The Silver Church, in Bucharest, on January 23rd, 2014. The first songs from the show: Grace, Faceless and Journey! Enjoy!

Days of Confusion at Mojo Club (11)Nov 14, 2014. We had an amazing time at Mojo Club, in the heart of the historical center of Bucharest ! Definitely one the the largest club crowds we ever played for so far, and also one of the loudest and most dedicated. Lots of familiar faces and beautiful moments with many people singing along to the lyrics of the songs, moving to and resonating with our music. “Bloodstream” is still one of the best songs to play live, as there is something about its rhythm and energy that really ignites all sparks in people! We also played some new material, which really seemed to catch the audience. The closing song was especially exciting, as Cosmin doubled the band’s powerful instrumental with a very intimate moment with the fans, when he got off the stage to sing the song from the crowd! Fantastic! We’re looking forward to doing this again! Until then, great news are yet to come! The next Days of Confusion show might turn out to be a very special one! We will soon make announcements! Stay tuned!

Oct 20, 2014. Another great night at Fabrica, in Bucharest! It was one of those nights when all pieces of the puzzle fall naturally and effortlessly into place, without pressure. A typical tight, hard-sounding Days of Confusion gig, but played in a relaxed manner, and a great vibe from the audience, that was visibly there to support us. It is undoubtedly the result of the many gigs we recently had together, and of us growing together as a band. The more you play the songs, the more you learn about them and the better you’re able to musically express what they want to say. We finally figured that out! A very nice evening, indeed! Thank you to everyone involved! We’ll see you at the next show!

Studio Journal

Oct 17, 2015. Hello, fans! As you saw here on our website and on our Facebook page, a new single is officially in preparation! We have been planning it for quite some time and now it is time to start revealing it. Here is a glimpse of Cezar Popescu tracking his guitars for the song! Make sure you stay tuned to this journal, as all updates will be posted here!

Mar 19, 2015. Vocals just finished. “Dharkata” is on its way to the mixing phase! Here‘s Cosmin, recording some growly tracks for the single, at Traian 150 Studio!

Mar 15, 2015. Studio regards from our bass player, Andrei Zamfir! And kudos to him for finishing up recording his parts for “Dharkata”! We’re almost done with this single… can’t wait to hear the first mix!

Migudel in studio

Mar 12, 2015. New snippet from the “Dharkata” recording sessions! Here is Cezar Popescu, tracking down the final chorus of our next single, at VdV Studios!

Mar 11, 2015. Updates from the studio! Guitar tracking is in progress! Here‘s Dan Ionescu, recording riffage for the upcoming single, Dharkata, at VdV Studios, with his Kemper Profiling Amp!

Mar 1, 2015. Here is one more snippet from this week’s drum tracking session! Same song, but live room perspective! Guitars are next on the recording list and we will keep you posted with our progress in the studio! All updates will appear in this section of the site, so make sure you check back on our “Studio Journal” regularly!

Feb 26, 2015. Great news! We just started recordings for our next album! The initial plans were delayed a few months, for various reasons, but now we’re back on track! Drum tracks were done for a few songs, at Sysound Studio, in Bucharest, the star of the session being a vintage 1977 Neve console, which sounds amazing. Here is a short snippet from inside the control room, capturing Andrei laying down the drum parts for the soon-to-be-released Days of Confusion single, Dharkata!

Nov 18, 2014. The response we get from people who come and see us at our shows is very encouraging, so we are constantly working on new songs, trying to deliver the best of our music and craft in the freshest and most interesting fashion possible. The songwriting process is going well and we are aiming for a February release of a new Days of Confusion single. Hopefully, the full album will come out in April / May 2015. It appears that we will shortly hit the studio! Keep in touch!

Jul 24, 2013. Our good friend and bassist extraordinaire Adrian Ciuplea came in to record the bass parts. We’re very happy to have him featured on this song! Here is a video from his part of the session!

Jul 9, 2013. Ladies and gentlemen… Days of Confusion is in the studio! We began the recordings for our future single, a re-orchestrated version of the song “Bloodstream” originally written by the members of the band Stateless. The first days went extremely well, we recorded at ADDA Studio, in Bucharest, and we were very pleased with how the first results sounded! Here is a short video of day one of the session, capturing Andrei laying down the drum tracks! Enjoy!

Latest News

colectivDue to the terrifying event that occurred on Friday, October 30, at Colectiv club, in Bucharest, the Eternal Summer release concert will be cancelled. All other activities of the band will also be temporarily put on hold. Our thoughts and prayers go to the victims of the tragedy and their families.


We are proud to announce the release of a new single! The song is called “Eternal Summer” and is due to be released on November 7th! It is a song about people living in an imaginary utopian world, created as a shield against the superficial, cruel and negative reality.

This single marks the third anniversary of our first album, “Seeds”, and will be accompanied by a lyric video, dedicated to all the people who helped the band evolve from the beginning to the present day! The release event will take place at Fabrica, in Bucharest, where we released “Seeds” in 2012, and will be supported by a special Days of Confusion concert, scheduled at 21:00! See you all there!

Fire in the Park Rock Fest

We will perform at the 15th Anniversary Festival of one of the oldest rock clubs in Romania, Fire Club! The event is called Fire in the Park Fest and will take place at Halele Carol, in Bucharest! We will salute you on the first day of the festival, September 18, from the Main Stage! See you there!

Days of Confusion Poster Digital

It’s official! Our third single will be released on April 2nd! The name of the song is “Dharkata” and, as announced, it will be supported by a video, which will premiere on the same night, during a very special performance at Colectiv Club, in Bucharest! The theme of the song reflects the daily choices that man is faced with between creation and destruction, between harmony and chaos, doubled by the difficulty of human existence under the consciousness that such choices do not always result from harmonious decisions, taken in unison with the mind, body and spirit. The video for the song is written and directed by TheCell, and it showcases these ideas using the principles of the life-giving sword, as described by the famous Japanese samurai and swordsman Yagyu Munenori in the 17th century. Musically, as well as lyrically, this single reflects a different approach from the ones used for the previous songs, fans being treated with a deeper and more personal edge of Days of Confusion. We’re looking forward to seeing how you like it! See you on April 2nd!

I Am the Rocker posterWe will perform at the pilot edition of the brand new “I Am the Rocker” Festival, in Bucharest! It is expected to be of the hottest music events of the year and just a simple glimpse at the poster will instantly tell you why. With acts such as Carcass, Myrath, Black Star Riders, Skindred and Dream Theater on the bill, there is no question that the weekend of 4-5 July will be no time for any rocker to stay home! We will bring our own craft to the table and put on what we think will be one of our best summer festival shows, delivering fans the ultimate experience of an essential Days of Confusion concert! Make sure you don’t miss this event! We’ll see you there!

Eternal Summer Tour Poster

We welcome 2015 with great news! As planned, a new Days of Confusion single will be released and it will be supported by a video and… a short tour! The first dates have already been scheduled and we are pleased to officially announce them:

  • February 05 – Subsol Club – Brasov, RO
  • February 06 – Hard Club – Cluj-Napoca, RO

We will keep you posted with the details of the new single and other dates that are yet to be confirmed. See you on the road!


As we are rapidly heading towards the winter holidays, time comes for us to do our good deeds. On December 10, Days of Confusion will perform at the Acoustic All Stars Charitable Concert, which will take place at The Silver Church, in Bucharest. The event will be hosted by our vocalist, Cosmin Lupu, and all the raised funds will be given to Hospice “Casa Sperantei”, the leader foundation in Romania in the field of palliative care. This event will be the last on our 2014 concert calendar, marking the end of a full and very exciting year as a band! We will share the stage with many good friends from our fellow-bands and we will all join forces for this very noble cause, which we support warmly and wholeheartedly! It will also be a special event due to this being the first time we play our songs acoustically! Fans who got used to us playing hard and loud will surely see a different side of Days of Confusion at this show! We openly invite you all! See you there!


We just found out Days of Confusion was nominated for “Best Rock” artist in 2014, at the awards of the Romanian music publication “Sunete” (“Sounds”). Thank you very much for the support and appreciation!

Days banner Mojo

The night of November 13th will bring Days of Confusion back to Mojo Club, in the company of our good friends from Goodbye to Gravity and Sinscape! We last played there almost 2 years ago, and that was also in the company of GTG, when both of our debut studio albums had been out for just a little more than two weeks! We had a blast then and we will surely have a wonderful time again! We will obviously do one or two songs together again, so make sure you don’t miss the show! See you on November 13th!

Sabotage Metal Night PosterDays of Confusion will perform at this year’s edition of Sabotage Metal Night! This concert will put us on the same stage with Greek band Above Us the Waves, which we will directly support! This performance also marks our return to clubs and indoor venues, where we will spend our time until next spring. We are looking forward to seeing you at these events, as there is something about them that makes the whole atmosphere a lot warmer and definitely more intimate. Can’t wait to meet you all again on October 19th, at Fabrica, in Bucharest!