Days of Confusion Poster DigitalIt’s official! Our third single will be released on April 2! The name of the song is Dharkata and, as announced, it will be supported by a video, which will premiere on the same night, during a very special performance at Colectiv Club, in Bucharest! The theme of the song reflects the daily choices that man is faced with between creation and destruction, between harmony and chaos, doubled by the difficulty of human existence under the consciousness that such choices do not always result from harmonious decisions, taken in unison with the mind, body and spirit. The video for the song is written and directed by TheCell, and it showcases these ideas using the principles of the life-giving sword, as described by the famous Japanese samurai and swordsman Yagyu Munenori in the 17th century. Musically, as well as lyrically, this single reflects a different approach from the ones used for the previous songs, fans being treated with a deeper and more personal edge of Days of Confusion. We’re looking forward to see how you like it! See you on April 2!